Wrap Around Labeling Machines  

The PL501 Wrap-Around Automatic Labeling Machine is a stand type bottle labeling machine that is suitable for adhesive labels to be applied on cylindrical containers of various shape and material.

The PRO-515 Vertical Wrap-Around Automatic Labeling Machine can label various types of round bottles. The PRO-515 is designed with a solid base, allowing the labeling system to reach high speeds while maintaining stability.

The versatile PRO-516 High Speed Wrap-Around Labeler is armed with the newest and fastest netcon control technology. With just a tap of its one-touch screen, you can easily adjust the various settings for your product needs.

The ELF-50 Wrap-Around Labeler is the most economical and efficient machine in terms of capabilities. This labeler is fast, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. It is flexible enough to handle production schedule and product changes quickly and easily.