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    labeling machine
    Filling – Capping – Labeling – Sleeve Labeling

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    labeling machine
    labeling machine manufacturer
    labeling machine manufacturer
  • Full Line Solution
    labeling machine
    labeling machine
    labeling machine manufacturer
    labeling machine supplier
    labeling machine supplier
    labeling machines
    labeling machines
  • labeling machine supplier

    Full Line Solution

    labeling machine manufacturer

    Filling-Capping-Sleeve Labeling

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Labeling Machinery

All Labeling Machines Series

We are here to create the best labeling solutions for your business.

  • Filling Machines

    Filling Machines

    Pack Leader manufactures high quality liquid filling machines and tube filling machines. The liquid filling machines provides accurate filling. The tube filling machine provides filling and sealing viscous and semi-viscous products such as cosmetics, ointments, toothpaste, foodstuff, pharmaceutics, shaving creams and so on.

    The machines include PLC based personalized touch-screen control panels that provide an easy operational experience and an effective result management through production monitoring.

  • Capping Machines

    Capping Machines

    Automatic capping machines constructed with S304 stainless steel material incorporate with touch screen panel control. Most parameter can be adjusted by the touch screen interface without complicated mechanical adjustment.

  • Automatic Labeling Machines

    Automatic Labeling Machines

    Labeling Machines Manufacturer - Packleader, we offer professional production of various automatic labeling machine, including top automatic labeling machine, top & bottom automatic labeling machine, wrap around labeling application, horizontal wrap around automatic labeling machine, front & back automatic labeling machine and corner wrap & tamper proof automatic labeling machine. If you are interested in our automatic labeling machine, please contact us online.

  • Sleeve Labeling Machines

    Sleeve Labeling Machines

    Our shrink sleeve labeling machines series use the newest shrink technology with large control touch screen. The humanize operation, the mainframe can be easy adjusted up and down with automatically. The labeling machine has been accurately designed, even use this machine with high speed for a long time, machine running is still very stable and smoothly.

    We have many models with all kind of speed selection from 150/minute to 550/minute and is suitable for wide range, it can be modified according to the package’s shape. We always can meet your all kind of requirement no matter it is for cap or bottle. The machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, food industries, health-food, medicine, juice, milk, drink...etc.


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