ELF-50 Wrap Around Labeling Machine   

Model Number:ELF-50

The ELF-50 can be moved easily, so you can set up exactly where you’d like. It can be positioned on a tabletop or bench, or moved in-line for automatic or semi-automatic applications – a convenience not found with heavier, more elaborate labeling machines. With our advanced sensors, the ELF-50 delivers optimal efficiency. Hand wheels provide simple adjustments, enable quick set-up and easy changeover.

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• The label count feature lets you precisely track progress at any point during the production run.

• The ELF-50 features a PLC control system that maintains default settings and memory even after the machine sits idle for a long period of time. Up to five settings can be stored for future use, so you don’t have to waste time re-entering the necessary information.

• It’s easy to upgrade the ELF-50 to activate hot-foil printer controls. This integrated feature simplifies label customization and allows the hot-foil printer to work in sync with the labeler to ensure accurate code placement.

• Modular design concepts for fast and simple maintenance. Flexible enough to handle production schedule changes with simple adjustments for rapid changeover.

• Stainless steel and anodized hardened aluminum alloys are employed to the structural design for a durable and stable machine.

Model ELF-50
Electrical Supply 110/ 220 VAC 50/ 60Hz Single Phase
Power Consumption 460 VA
Dispense Driver Stepper Motor
Applicator Height 120 mm
Label Size H:120 mm x L:300 mm Max.
Bottle Diameter 150 mm Max.
Conveyor Width 3~10m/min
Dispensing Speed 16 m/min. Max.
Label Roll Inner Core Dia. 76mm
Dimension 1101mm(L) X880mm (W) X422mm (H)
Net Weight Approx. 75 Kgs

---Specifications are subject to change without prior notice----

Frame and main components are made from SUS#304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

• The stepper motor essentially counts the “steps” necessary to reach the next label, ensuring fast, accurate label delivery.

• The quantity can be preset for a production batch and the machine will automatically stop as the quantity is attained.

• The ELF-50’s standard one-button teach label sensors can be effortlessly adjusted for various labeling applications. And, with the manual position setting, your labels are placed accurately on the product, each and every time.

• Panasonic PLC control system

• Adjustable speed for printing

• 4.3" colored HMI system for easy operation

• Five memory slots assist you an easier operation