Labeling Machine  

Automatic pressure sensitive labeling machine provides stable and precise labeling function with high efficiency productivity. It can also adjust labeling position based on product size. Features for mechatronics control, stable and high precise labeling, endurance-long-lasting and endure life time, it is easy set up for label, also leading in lintuitive interface and touch screen for operating, stable and precise labeling performance.

We mainly offers pressure sensitive labeling machine, fully automatic labeling machine, inline labeling machine, vertical labeling machine, horizontal labeling machine, top/botttom labeling machine, double-sides labeling machine, wrap around labeling machine for different needs.

Equips with adjustable labeling applicator and adjustment mechanism, a flexible application based on different specs of bottle, Packleader's labeling machines are widely applied in food and beverage industry, cosmetic product industry, healthcare product, bio-tech industry and chemical industry