Stand Alone Sleeve Labeler  

Model Number:SL-10

Stand Alone Sleeve Labeler SL-10

Our shrink sleeve labeling machines series uses the latest shrink technology with the added large touch screen controls. The mainframe height can be adjusted automatically through the user friendly controls. Designed for durability, these machines will remain stable and operational even after long-term usage.

  • Features
  • Specifications
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  • Modular design and user-friendly interface.
  • Fulfill various production needs at a reasonable price
  • Pneumatically powered control system with customizable sleeve length.
  • Made with stainless steel and hardened anodized aluminum for durability and elegance.
  • Symmetrical design keeping the machine both stable and durable for long-term massive production needs.
  • Adjustable sleeve diameter of 5" to 10".
  • Includes mobility casters and stands to allow mobility while keeping it stable during operation.
Power 220VAC, 50/60HZ, 1PHASE
Consumption 1.5KW
Speed <150bpm(ø70mmx120mmL)
Weight 250kg
Dimension(mm) 1000mmW x 1100mmD x 2000mmH
Material Glass, Metal, Plastic
Shape Round, Square, Oval, Curve
Diameter ø22mm~ø155mm
Height 35mm~350mm
Material PVC、PET、OPS
Thickness .035mm~0.08mm
Length 22mm~250mm
Drum Diameter ø5"~ø10"