BR-108 Automatic Air & Water Rinsing Machines   

Model Number:BR-108

The BR-108 Automatic Air & Water Rinsing Machines are used when a consistent and proper rinsing of a product is desired. BR-108 rinsing machine comes complete with 8 rinsing heads, a variable speed drive conveyor, and an easy-to-operate control panel. All liquid contact parts are made of food grade materials. Cleaning is easy and requires no tools.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Samples
  • Adjustable rinsing speed
  • Integrated digital control with Panasonic PLC and touch screen controls for easy operation.
  • Professional manufacturing techniques using the ISO-9001 system.
  • GMP standard stainless steel.
  • Designed for easy changeover and cleaning.
  • Sturdy conveyer system driven by Siemens motor.
  • Adjustable conveyor guide rails to accommodate with different products.
  • Bottle holding mechanism for the best position of the bottles before rinsing action.
  • Bottle jam detection.
  • Rinsing zone protected by interlock guards for safety registration.
  • Memory slots for storing rinsing parameters for future operation.
  • Easy to install and operate, requiring minimum maintenance for maximum performance and useful life.
  • Warning light and buzz alarm on production error.
  • Circuit breaker for overload protection.
  • Overload protection. 
Model BR-108
Voltage 380/415V, 60HZ, 3 Phases
Rinsing Heads 8 heads of water & air rinsing
Power Consumption 3.3KW
Air 4-6 KG
Machine Dimension (L)3124mm X (W)1530mm X (H)1888mm
Net Weight 850KGS