FC-102 Automatic Liquid Filling & Capping Machine  

Model Number:FC-102

The Pack Leader FC-102 is a premier, fully automatic filler-capper machine that benefits a wide variety of companies requiring liquid filling and capping capabilities. The machine’s ease of use and unique fully enclosed design offer tremendous appeal to industries ranging from pharmaceutical, food, beverages, cosmetics, to soap, detergent, and petrochemical.

Simple to Use

The FC-102 highly efficient design enables easy operation and quick change-over for different product specifications and requirements.

Built to Last

In strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, the FC-102’s solid and steady frame is made from durable 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum. Contact parts are made from 316 stainless steel. This durability translates into an easy-to-maintain filler-capper machine with a long, durable life.

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  • The FC-102 filler-filler capper offers exceptional flexibility, and adapts to a wide range of bottle sizes, cap sizes, and filling volumes.
  • This sturdy servo-driven conveyor system has adjustable conveyor guide rails to accommodate the varying product sizes.


  • The FC-102’s design allows for low energy consumption to protect and environment and save energy while still producing a generous output to keep up with production needs.
  • The machine is controlled by the Panasonic Servo System, which is based on an advanced brushless motor system that provides fast, accurate output.
  • The integrated touch-screen controls bring ease of use to the operator, while increasing efficiency and productivity for each project.
  • With the Volume Set feature, all pistons can be controlled by the Panasonic Servo System. Up to eight bottles can be filled at a time, and the volume for each can be changed with one touch on the touch-screen controls. This eliminates the need to manually adjust the pistons. There is also a “touch-screen” setting to double- or triple-fill the bottles to accommodate larger volumes.
  • The machine’s anti-drip design features a “no-bottle, no-fill” system that prevents the filler from dispensing liquid when no bottle is detected. This keeps the bottles and the conveyor free of unnecessary liquid. Also by using the touch screen, easy adjustments can be made to slow the filling speed as the bottle gets full to keep the product from foaming or splashing.
  • The machine’s Bottle Jam Detection feature stops the machine automatically and notifies the operator in the case of a bottle jam.
  • The Production Preset function enables the FC-102 to automatically stop once the preset quantity of products has been filled.
  • The Monitor setting provides data records to help track maintenance and usage.
  • The FC-102 ‘s battery-free microprocessor control system can maintain up to 30 default settings and job memory even after machine sits idle for a period of time.


  • The FC-102 features a management setting with password protection, which allows management to have more capabilities, while restricting access to those directly involved with the project at hand.
  • The filler-capper has adjustable electronic torque values that help eliminate damage to caps and reduce insert wear.
  • The machine is fully enclosed and well-suited for simple and quick changeovers, with built-in mobility castors that enable easy movement from one production area to the next.
  • Manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality control procedures, the FC-102 has a protective acrylic shield that is compliant with safety standards. The machine is built from durable stainless steel and anodized aluminum to protect against harsher environments and to withstand heavy usage from three shift operations.
Model FC-102
Bottle material LDPE, HDPE, PET, GLASS
Filling Capacity Option 20-100cc/50-250cc/100-500cc/200cc-1000cc
Caps type Aluminum cap, plastic cap press & spin type
Filling Nozzles 8 Nozzles
Capping Heads 2 Heads
Supply Voltage 3P 380V/220V, 50/60HZ
Power Consumption 3KW
Air Pressure 4-6 KG
Dimension (L) 4320 mm×(W) 964 mm×(H) 1770 mm
Net Weight 1000 Kgs

---Specifications are subject to change without prior notice----