CP-101 Automatic Capping Machine  

Model Number:CP-101

CP-101 Automatic Capping Machine is constructed with S304 stainless steel, and incorporates a touch screen panel that can adjust most parameters of the machine without complicated mechanical adjustment.

Servo Driven
Dual servo system controls the capper and the star wheel assembly. The capping function ensures proper tightness without being overly tight while protecting the cap from abrasion, ensuring perfect product appearance.

Highly Adjustable
Cap sorting, cap feeding, cap placing, cap closing, and bottle movements can be easily adjusted according to product specification and requirements. Ease of use ensures even the temporary operator can easily adjust the machine.

Energy Conservation
Designed with low energy consumption with maximum efficiency in mind. The most friendly product for environmental protection and a powerful partner for your production output.

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Frame Assembly

  • Main capping structure is made from S304 stainless steel and hardened anodized aluminum.
  • Mechanical seal cabinet design incorporated with stainless steel plate cover meet safety and hygiene regulations.
  • Specially designed liquid outlet for easy cleaning process after production.

Capper Assembly

  • Quick release capping module allows for easy changeovers.
  • Capping level deck height is adjustable for various product demands.
  • High Tech servo driven module adjustable for torque value and spin turn value. To ensure the product is with proper tightness and maintain best appearance of the cap without scratch.
  • Full digital control by touch screen, adjustments on capper torgue is tool-free.
  • Precise cap feeding chute. To ensure smooth cap feeding without jamming. Special design cap stabilization assembly to ensure accurate positioning of the cap on the product bottle mouth.
  • High Tech servo driven star wheel module can accurately control bottle positioning. Any overload occur capper will stop automatically for protection purpose for the capper as well as the product.

Bottle Feeding And Conveyer Module

  • High density industrial plastic star wheel module ensure bottle moving most smoothly without harming the bottle surface.
  • Capper is equipped with Japanese Made sensor for monitoring purpose to ensure most smooth bottle movement. Any bottle jam at conveyer exit machine will stop automatically, once jamming cleared machine will restart again without further adjustment.
  • Equip with motor overload protection, to avoid improper operation causing motor damage.

Control Interface

  • Human technology control interface for easy and accurate set upt.
  • 30 sets of memory which can memorize each parameter. Straight forward and efficient to recall storage parameter for instant capping action.
  • Inbuilt production quantity set. While the target quantity achieved, machine will stop automatically.

Monitoring Mode

  • Operation fault history display on touch screen, automatically keep record for operation fault timing and frequency of it.
  • PLC I/O monitoring mode, instant monitoring the PLC Input & Output status for efficient trouble shooting.
  • Equip with various operation function, monitoring function and management function.
  • Other customized function for production requirement can also be designed by Pack Leader engineer team.
Supply Voltage 220/380 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase
Power Consumption 1.5KW
Air Pressure 4~6kg
Dimension (L)3000mm x (W)950mm x (H)1770mm
Net Weight 650kg

---Specifications are subject to change without prior notice----