Cloud Intelligent Machine Monitoring & Control System  

CIM-MCS is the abbreviation of Cloud Intelligent Machine Monitoring & Control System. CIM-MCS SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) can cross-platform and cross-device real-time monitoring the sensor data (e.g., current, voltage, filling height) uploaded from the Gateway (or Mini-PC) connecting with machine HMI. CIM-MCS may dispatch user-specified, or IMPACTs APS system planned manufacturing order (MO) to the shop floor production through Gateway and machine HMI. In the meantime, CIM-MCS can also automatically report the production progress to the ERP or APS systems. In addition, if the machine has unexpected conditions (such as abnormal production data, breakdown), the SCADA system can automatically push relevant messages and guide the shop floor operators to eliminate shop floor problems.

Furthermore, users can self-design the interface of the SCADA dashboard through the function of add/delete/adjust/drag to satisfy the management requirements of different users such as operators, manufacturing supervisors, production planners, sales, and senior managers. CIM-MCS products have the characteristics of plug-and-play. For the machine HMI that has been set corresponding points with CIM-MCS, the user only needs to plug gateway (or Mini-PC) with machine HMI, then install the driver program to connect the machine and SCADA. Consequently, the CIM-MCS is ready for operation.

What is CIM-MCS_SCADA Dashboard?

CIM-MCS’s cloud-based SCADA dashboard can display the production status and performance of shop-floor machine equipment, production lines, and factories in real-time, visualized, and cross-device (computer, tablet, mobile phone) to meet the different requirements of different users inside and outside the organization. Production supervisors and operators can also make immediate adjustments and corrections to equipment and production lines to improve production capacity and operational efficiency.