What we can get from Cloud SaaS?  

Plug-and-play cloud smart device production line monitoring system

  • High integration between Pack Leader equipment(filling, capping,labeling) and Cloud-based Intelligent Machine line Monitor and Control System; (CIM-MCS), especially with plug and-play feature for a fast and efficient upgrade
  • The PL equipment could easily upgrade by connecting gateway/mini-PC to a whole new cloud PL equipment, with new Cloud PL equipment, you can access our cloud monitoring system for equipment instant operating data.
  • The CIM-MCS is applicable and expandable to a full packaging line, factory production line or supply chain, it will assist you to manage production performance, and maximize efficiency of business.

Cloud SCADA system and interface, monitoring machines and production lines are far-reaching

  • The non-cloud PL equipment could only be monitored by on-site operators
  • The new Cloud PL equipment has Cloud SCADA, it provides equipment and full line production condition and performance, on top of that, all levels of operators/managers can monitor instant, historical and visualized data by different platform, such as PC, tablet or smart phone wherever you are.
  • On-site supervisor can monitor instant production data and condition, and top management managers can access and obtain the whole production line performance, visualization of production and KPI data, every company can build up a customized situation room center to show all relevant tracing and monitoring based on their demand.

Users can edit the cloud monitoring interface according to their needs

  • The non-cloud PL equipment has fixed HMI interface to control and mange machine.
  • With new cloud PL equipment, all monitoring data, including machine current, voltage, power, filling accuracy, capping torque,labeling result, production efficiency, and KPI analysis could be edited freely base on your need on Cloud SCADA, so called "personalization monitoring. "
  • We can make adjustment and improvement instantly, to boost up efficacy and production capacity.

Equipment suppliers can remotely monitor and maintain equipment to achieve manufacturing service-oriented

  • In the past, PL equipment owners must monitor and manage operating condition and maintain by themselves.
  • The new cloud PL equipment features CIM-MCS, so that equipment condition and production data are securely monitored by Pack Leader or exclusive contributors.
  • Pack Leader Cloud will provide 24/7 instant service based on Cloud SCADA monitoring data, including machine repair/ maintenance suggestion, and spare parts replacement suggestion.
  • Pack Leader is not just an equipment provider, but also a valued partner for all customers around the world.

Combine KPI, production cost control, data visualization and dashboard to improve production efficiency

  • With new cloud PL equipment, all relevant production data, including KPI, production cost, efficacy, yield rate...etc. are all visualized with dashboard.
  • Top management could make determining and key decision based on advancing analyze from above relevant data, to implementing PDCA practically.

The Al module analyzes SCADA real-time production data, conducts process quality control and recommends the most suitable maintenance timing

  • With Cloud SCADA real-time production and manufacturing data, on-site supervisor can manage and control quality instantly.
  • In applying AI module to analyze and forecasting spare parts condition and life,to suggesting suitable and proper replacement time.
  • Cloud SCADA and IMPACTs Cloud APS (Advanced planning and scheduling) system are combinable to provide proper production and maintenance schedule to optimize efficacy straightforwardly.