Labeling Machine Manufacturer and Supplier

Pack Leader was established in October 1992, as a manufacturer of packaging machinery, liquid filling machine, bottle capping machine, sleeve labeling machines and self-adhesive labeling machines.

We develop superior and reliable products for the global market. Pack Leader is aggressively pursuing cooperation with international companies and seeking to consolidate our global presence through globalization. By making partnerships, striving for greater profitability and expanding our markets around the world, Pack Leader will establish its place in the world packaging market.

Pack Leader manufacture and supplier higher quality in sleeve labelling machinery, filling machine, capping machine, automatic sealing machines. We have been packaging industry leaders for over 15 years, and have met numerous international quality requirements.

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Filling Machines
  • Liquid Filling Machines
    • FL-101
    • FL-800
    • FL-122
    • FL-222D
  • Tube Filling Machines
    • FL-300
Capping Machines Filling & Capping Machines Automatic Labeling Machine
  • Top Automatic Labeling Machine
    • PL-211
    • PRO-215
    • ELF-20
    • PL-10
    • PL-11
  • Top & Bottom Automatic Labeling Machine
    • PL-221
    • PRO-225
    • PRO-225D
  • Wrap Around Labeling Machines
    • PL-501
    • PRO-515
    • PRO-516
    • ELF-50
  • Horizontal Wrap Around Automatic Labeling Machine
    • PL-521
  • Front & Back Automatic Labeling Machine
    • PL-622
    • PRO-625
  • Corner Wrap & Tamper Proof Automatic Labeling Machine
    • PL-252
Sleeve Labeling Machines Sealing Machines Accessories
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